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The most popular Airstream travel trailer are the single axle more classic style RV referred or classified as a Bambi. Over 20 various models have been developed since 1998 including 16, 19, 20 and 22 foot lengths. For more information check out the evolution of the Airstream Bambi Travel Trailer page on to see the full lineup of Bambi RVS.


Today there are two Airstream Bambi trailers still in production which come in a variety of sizes. These two trailers are the Sport Bambi and Flying Cloud Bambi.

airstream sport bambi travel trailer

Airstream Sport

The Airstream Sport line is a Bambi single-axle, lightweight and agile travel trailer. The Sport comes in a both a 16 and 22 ft length with floor plans that maximize space. The Sport features light weight for easy towing.

Sport Specifications

airstream flying cloud bambi trailer

Airstream Flying Cloud

The Flying Cloud Bambi is a step-up from the Sport line which combines practical uses and rugged style. With 10 different lengths and a variety of floor plans, the Flying Cloud is the most versatile Bambi trailer.

Flying Cloud Specs